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Public lecture on gravitational waves

Dr. Shohini Ghose of the MS2Discovery Institute was mentioned in the Campus Updates Headlines of March 18.

She presented a public lecture, entitled “Gravitational Waves and General Relativity for All,” on March 22 at Laurier’s Waterloo campus.

Theoretical physicist Albert Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves more than 100 years ago. In September of 2015, scientists detected gravitational waves created by the collision of two black holes over a billion years ago. 

Ghose’s lecture discussed Einstein’s general theory of relativity and how it led to his prediction of gravitational waves. Ghose also explained the importance of this scientific discovery and how it impacts our understanding of the universe.

“This discovery opens whole a new window to the universe,” said Ghose. “It provides a way to study amazing objects like black holes, and to explore the moments after the Big Bang that are a challenge to study with existing techniques.”