Careers and Jobs

The Institute supports and broadens the relationship between mathematical and statistical modelling and other disciplines, focusing on the priority areas of the Institute We aim at becoming a hub for training in interdisciplinary areas involving mathematical and statistical modelling, helping students and postdoctoral fellows to develop their full potential while working on interdisciplinary projects. When working in an interdisciplinary team, a core competence is essential, and you need to know enough about the culture of the other disciplines to be able to communicate. To address the most challenging problems in our complex world, a core competence is mathematical and statistical modelling. When you graduate with this core competence, you can choose from a diverse range of possible careers. We invite you to browse some resources devoted to jobs and careers where your acquired skills would be invaluable.

Now that you are interested, feel free to discuss your options for graduate studies by contacting one of our members for further details.

Canadian and International Jobs with Mathematical & Statistical Modelling skills in demand: