Welcome to the MS2Discovery Interdisciplinary Research Institute

The Interdisciplinary Research Institute for Mathematical and Statistical Modelling in Scientific Discovery, Innovation and Sustainability (MS2Discovery) strives to create a dynamic and engaging environment that is highly conducive to interdisciplinary research, collaboration, and communication. Having a broad and pervasive involvement in both research and education, the Institute is active in its promotion of synergetic developments involving mathematical and statistical modelling by stimulating exciting new research and projects via important interdisciplinary problems motivated by other disciplines, industry, public policies and developments in society. The Institute devotes its efforts to interdisciplinary projects that support three main pillars:

  • fundamental and applied research in sciences,
  • innovative technologies in industry and business, economics and finance, and
  • the development and applications of mathematical and statistical modelling to global issues of sustainability.

It serves as a platform for enhancing the research experience of faculty, students, post-doctoral fellows, and visiting scholars and for increasing the social awareness of the key role played by mathematical and statistical modelling in our society.

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