The MS2Discovery Interdisciplinary Research Institute is a vehicle for increasing the participation of our students in research at the highest international level, and serves as a key research unit for preparing them for successful careers. The Institute’s faculty members have access to PhD students in the priority areas through their affiliations to a number of nearby universities, in addition to WLU. Please consult of Graduate Programs page for further information on your Masters or PhD studies in one of the priorities areas of the Institute. The members of the Institute have an excellent record of training undergraduate and graduate students.

Please contact our members in the area of your research interests for further details.

By engaging our students in projects of an interdisciplinary nature, they benefit from a stimulating work and study environment. Since interdisciplinary skills are now essential in both academia and industry, our interdisciplinary projects enhance their research experience and become invaluable and rewarding for their future careers.

The Institute brings together, within a single body, the research activities in the development and application of mathematical and statistical modelling that cut through all faculties of the university. As the Institute is a one-stop contact for industry, government and education in these key areas of university research, our students increase their chances of getting internships and subsequent future employment in industry and government. Those who aim at continuation of their studies will also be better prepared. Interdisciplinary and team-based learning skills are an essential part of training of Highly Qualified Personnel with a strong emphasis on quantitative methods and assessments based on mathematical and statistical modelling in the area of interest.

Current Opportunities for Students and Postdoctoral Fellows.