The AMMCS Kolmogorov-Wiener Prize for Young Researchers

"Mankind has always seemed to me as a set of wandering in the fog lights that feel the shine, dissipated by the others, quite vaguely. But these lights are connected in a network of shiny filaments, each in one, two, three ... directions. And the occurrence of such breaks through the fog to the other light can quite reasonably be called a "miracle." (Andrey Kolmogorov)

"What most experimenters take for granted before they begin their experiments is infinitely more interesting than any results to which their experiments lead." (Norbert Wiener)


The award is to recognize and support innovative interdisciplinary research carried out by researchers at an early stage of their career in the areas of mathematical, natural and applied sciences where methods and tools of mathematical modeling are decisive. Among other areas, it includes also systems science, computational science & engineering, as well as mathematical modeling in such areas as economics and finance, social, medical and life sciences. Nominations for this award from established researchers are welcome.


This is an award for young researchers in the category of recent PhD graduates and postdoctoral fellows under the age of 35. The eligibility criteria include young researchers who

  • (a) have earned their PhD degrees within 5 years of January 1 of the year of the award;
  • (b) have at least two peer refereed publications, minimum one of which has appeared in an internationally recognized journal;
  • (c) have presented their talks at an AMMCS event in the year of the award.
The competition is open to both Canadian and international applicants.


The competition is based on a paper submitted to the selection committee - it should be a new unpublished manuscript intended for original publication in one of AMMCS-approved publication media, and therefore complying with the requirements of such a publication. Applications should include:

  • (a) the manuscript, as described above, in pdf format;
  • (b) detailed CV with academic record and list of publications plus one selected journal publication in pdf format;
  • (c) a summary of research work and accomplishments to date (limited to one page);
  • (d) a maximum of two letters of support are highly desirable, but not required;
  • (e) if the manuscript in Item (a) is co-authored, a statement from other authors that the candidate made a major and decisive contribution to the paper;
  • (f) a statement from the candidate that the paper has not been submitted for any other scientific awards.
Submissions and all accompanied materials must be in English. Your complete application package (in one single zipped file) should be sent with subject line "AMMCS Kolmogorov-Wiener Young Researcher Award".

The winner is selected by the KW AMMCS Committee and the announcement of the winner will take place at the AMMCS meeting.