Research Information

INSTITUTE’S PRIORITY AREAS include the following interdisciplinary Research Themes:

  • Mathematical and statistical modelling in natural sciences and technology, focusing on:
    • Tecton 1: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development
    • Tecton 2: Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
    • Tecton 3: Mechanics and Materials Science
    • Tecton 4: Complex Systems, Networks, Information Theory and Algorithms
    • Tecton 5: Ecology, Climate and Environmental Sciences
  • Mathematical and statistical modelling in finance, business and economics, social sciences and arts, focusing on:
    • Tecton 6: Operations Research and Decision Science
    • Tecton 7: Mathematical Models in Finance
    • Tecton 8: Econometrics and Quantitative Approaches to Economics, Business and Political Science
    • Tecton 9: Quantitative Approaches in Forensic Social Science and Criminology
    • Tecton 10: Human Interface Technology and Design

These areas are grouped into our Research Themes (or Tectons). In addition, we have a Basic Research Incubator (Tecton 11) where fundamental research with potential for applications and collaborative projects is carried out.

Mathematical and statistical models are behind our high standard of living, but they are not limited to just modern technology. They reach into every corner of our lives. The financial market, digital as well as national security, the food industry, our health and well-being, economics and almost all social science disciplines now rely on the development of mathematical and statistical models which, although hidden from a layperson, are becoming critical in all aspects of our lives. Mathematical and statistical models are now firmly rooted in such areas as forensic science and criminology, and they are becoming increasingly important in less traditional areas of mathematics applications such as anthropology.

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